A wiki is a website where a group of people can add and edit connected pages using web browsers. Otago Wikis are a simple way for your group to efficiently manage information. University of Otago staff or students can have an Otago Wiki for group activities such as:

  • Project communication
  • Technical procedures or documentation
  • Departmental intranet
  • Group learning projects

There is no charge for an Otago Wiki. It is a free service.

You can request an Otago Wiki by logging in to Ask IT with your staff username and password and completing a request form. If you are a student, you will need to ask a staff member to make the request on your behalf:

Wiki Creation Request

Restricted Otago Wikis

When you set up your Otago Wiki, you have the option to make it available to be viewed or edited by everyone, or only to registered members. Only the wiki administrator can register members. Contact AskOtago if you don't know who the administrator is for your wiki.

If you are an Otago Wiki administrator, you can give people access to your restricted wiki by:

  1. going to Special Pages under Toolbox in the bottom left corner of your Otago Wiki
  2. selecting Log In/Create User
  3. filling in their University of Otago username and using any word as the password – this will be overwritten by the system with their official University password.

You can give non-University people access by creating a username and password for them, but they will need to use the password you have created as they will not be in the University of Otago identity system. You can use anything for a username (for example, Fred1), but don’t use a combination of five letters and three numbers (for example, abcde123), or five letters, two numbers and ending in a ‘p’ (for example, abcde12p), as these may match an official University username. If that happens, the password you choose will be overwritten by the one linked with someone else’s username in the system.

Further information

Managing an Otago Wiki

If you need help using or customising your Otago Wiki:

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