Sonia will be rolled out in two stages.

Stage One

The project team will implement the base system and set up the first four disciplines to use the system. This stage will focus on getting the basics right. The disciplines selected for this stage are:

  1. College of Education - placements for year one and two students
  2. Physiotherapy - placements for year two and three students
  3. Dietetics - placements for year four students
  4. Otago Global Student outbound exchange

Stage Two

Using the experience and knowledge gained during Stage One, the remaining disciplines will be rolled out as a "business as usual' activity. This will be led by the Sonia System Administrator, supported by a growing pool of Sonia super users.

PSP Project Team

A small project team has been set up to manage Stage One of the project. The core PSP Project team consists of:

  • Peter Campbell, PSP Project Manager
  • Stewart Hood, PSP Business Analyst
  • Justin Elliot, Sonia System Administration (interim)

The team will be supported by Sonia consultants, the SMS Support Office, ITS, and subject matter experts (SMEs).

As placements are moved into Sonia, each discipline will provide an SME to participate in the rollout. This person will become the Sonia super user for that discipline and will define and document the discipline's specific processes and procedures. Super users would also assist with advice and guidance during the rollout of Sonia to other disciplines.

Further information

If you have any questions about the project or the rollout, please contact Peter Campbell, PSP Project Manager:

Tel 027 442 4864

Last updated 22/06/2018 09.22 AM
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