Sonia is a student placement management system used by over 60 institutions worldwide, including 20 in Australia. It is designed and built by Planet Software, an Adelaide-based company, specifically for managing placements in a wide range of disciplines (e.g. teaching and physiotherapy).

New features are constantly being added to Sonia via quarterly upgrades. Sonia's current key features include:

  • web-delivered client application for placement staff
  • web portal for students, supervisors, and placement provider contacts
  • free phone app for students and supervisors
  • "Single source of truth" integration with eVision
  • comprehensive student check/prerequisite facilities
  • support for multiple placement models
  • integrated form tools for assessment, surveys or any user-defined data collection
  • dashboard for information self-service
  • workflow to trigger standard tasks and communication
  • document management
  • templates for bulk emails/SMS/notifications
  • terminology and business settings configurable for each discipline
  • indefinite history retention

Sonia will connect to eVision, enabling student details and enrolments to be automatically updated into Sonia.

Who will use Sonia?

Sonia is accessible via the web from anywhere in the world.

  • Students will be able to access Sonia and manage their placement/s within the parameters allowed by their programme
  • Staff administering placements will use Sonia to set up placements, assign students to placement slots, communicate with students and providers, and manage providers

Optionally, placement providers can access Sonia directly to maintain their own information, make placement slots available for assignment, record assessments, etc.

Further information

If you have any questions about the placement administration project or the Sonia system, please contact Peter Campbell, PSP Project Manager:

Tel 027 442 4864

Last updated 22/06/2018 09.21 AM
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