Each year approximately 17% of the University of Otago's students are on placement. This critical learning activity enables them to develop skills or gain clinical or work experience through the practical application of their learning. The management of placements varies widely across the University as currently there are no standard systems, processes, or tools for managing placements or supporting placement providers. Interactions between students, external providers, and the University are paper- or email-based and are inconsistent across the University. External organisations (placement providers) such as District Health Boards, schools, and commercial businesses are significant partners in the placement process and are not being well served or supported by the current processes and systems.

Placements Administration Project

In late 2017 the University undertook an evaluation of off-the-shelf placements systems. A pan-University evaluation team selected the Sonia placements system and the project to implement Sonia was approved in March 2018. The project is sponsored by the PVC Health Sciences and the Project Owner is Andrea Howard, Senior Manager Client Services, Division of Health Sciences.

Further information

If you have any questions about the project please contact Peter Campbell, PSP Project Manager:

Tel 027 442 4864

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