If you need to report a crime:

  • Contact the Police (111 in an emergency, otherwise +64 3 471 4800)
  • Advise the Proctor’s Office on 0800 479 5000
  • Get in touch with OUSA’s Support Centre on +64 3 479 5449 for support and advocacy

If CCTV cameras were operating in the area where the crime took place, the Proctor’s Office can review the footage to help identify the offender. They require either of the following:

  1. A request from the Police - if the crime is reported to the Police they may request CCTV footage in connection with their investigation using a Production Order or Search Warrant.
  2. An incident report to the Proctor’s Office with a request to review CCTV footage. You can go to Campus Watch reception at the Proctor's Office at any time to report a crime and complete a Request to Review CCTV Footage form. When making your request you will need to include the time and location of the incident.

Requests to review CCTV footage are considered by the Proctor's Office, taking into consideration the CCTV Security Systems Policy, the seriousness of the incident and the timeframe of the matter.

Location of the Proctor's Office:

Map showing Proctor's Office location

Proctor's Office

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