You can remotely access files on your Mac OS X work computer as follows:

  1. Enable System Preferences > Sharing > Remote Login on your work computer
  2. Switch off any sleep/hibernation settings
  3. Establish a secure UO-VPN connection using AnyConnect software installed on the remote computer
  4. Use a SSH File Transfer Protocol client software application such as FileZilla to connect to your work computer

Free VNC servers (programs that allow you to access your desktop remotely) can be used, but many do not encrypt their communications. ITS suggests that you use the following secure channels if you plan to use free VNC servers:

  • UO-VPN + VNC, or
  • UO-VPN + SSH Tunnel + VNC

Install the software you need and test that you have set everything up correctly well in advance of when you need to use it. There is usually no need for any complex configuration, but both your remote and work computers should have a reasonable level of security.

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Last updated 09/08/2019 11.52 AM
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