The StudentMail.GAL (Student Email Global Address List) is an email group that University of Otago staff can choose to join if they would like their name and email address to appear in the student email address list. Staff can use this list to look up students' email addresses in Outlook.

Joining StudentMail.GAL also makes your Exchange Calendar available to students with the same level of privacy as other staff email accounts, so students can view your Free/Busy information (but will not be able to see details of your Calendar appointments).

To add yourself to the StudentMail.GAL (Global Address List):

  1. Log in to StaffMail using the full version of Outlook Web Access (i.e., make sure the check box for Use the light version of Outlook Web App is not checked).
  2. Click on the Settings cog at the top right of the page and go down to Options
  3. Click on the Groups tab on the left-hand side of the Options window
  4. Under Public Groups I Belong To click the Join... button
  5. Using the search box at the top, look up StudentMail.GAL (or you can scroll through the list until you find it)
  6. Double-click the entry to bring up more information about the group
  7. Click the Join button
Last updated 14/12/2018 09.43 AM
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