There are two main ways to top-up your printing account: top-up kiosks and the online Uniprint top-up portal.

Top-Up Kiosks

You can use any of the top-up kiosks found in most University of Otago libraries to add printing funds. You must use your student ID card with the kiosks, and you can pay using either EFTPOS or credit card (but not cash).

The EFTPOS readers at these top-up kiosks only accept New Zealand bank cards.

Top-up kiosks can be found at:

Online Uniprint top-up

You can use the Recharge portal to top up your printing account from your credit card:

Recharge: the Uniprint web payment portal

Please note that there is a $0.50 credit card fee.

At a residential college

If you are staying in a residential college, you may be able to make cash top-ups to your printing funds at the college. Check with your college administration about this.

At the Uniprint shop

If you don’t have your student ID card, but you have cash or you have an overseas EFTPOS card, the Uniprint branch in the Central Library can process top-ups in person. They have a minimum top-up amount of $2.00 and their hours are listed on their website.

Your printing funds will expire during the year after you finish at Otago. For up-to-date information on printing fund expiry, please see the Uniprint website:


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