If you have been given access to the University of Otago's VPN service you can contact the University's computer network from most locations around the world.

There may be factors beyond the University's control that prevent VPN access in some locations as some organisations and internet service providers (ISPs) implement restrictions on their networks that stop the University's VPN software from working.

If you need access to the VPN service, you can request this by using your University staff credentials to log in to the Ask IT Customer Portal.

If you are a student requiring VPN access, a staff member will need to make the request on your behalf.

Generally, anything that University of Otago staff are able to do from their desk can be done via the VPN service, as long as it uses IP (internet protocol) rather than broadcast traffic across the network. For example:

  • SMB (server message block) sharing can be used.
  • IPX/Appletalk are NOT supported as the VPN service is IP transport only.

Please contact your departmental IT support staff if you need more information about what can be done using VPN.

Last updated 09/08/2019 09.55 AM
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