UO-EXTERNAL is the legacy network which is being replaced by the future state network across the University of Otago in stages.

If the future state network UO_WIFI is available in your area, you should use this instead of UO-EXTERNAL.

To connect to the University's external wireless network (UO-EXTERNAL), you first need to have:

  • Your University username enabled for UO-EXTERNAL
  • Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch registered with ITS

Talk to your departmental contact to arrange this.

Once your device has been registered, you can set up your device to connect to the external wireless network (UO-EXTERNAL) as follows:

  1. Select Settings > Wi-Fi > UO-EXTERNAL.
  2. Enter your University username and associated password.
  3. On the Certificate page (wlan.otago.ac.nz), click Accept.

You will need good mobile signal strength to connect to the University of Otago external wireless network for the first time. If your signal meter is showing just one dot or bar, move to an area with a stronger signal.

Once you have connected successfully to the University of Otago's external wireless network, you will see at the top of your screen:

  • the signal strength bars
  • VodaNZ
  • either a 3G symbol, or a wireless signal indicator. This indicates whether you are using data via GPRS, or are connected to a wireless network

If you need help setting up your device for wireless network access:

Further information

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