International students who are granted New Zealand residency or citizenship while enrolled may be eligible to pay domestic fees for the current and subsequent years, depending on the date of the change to your status.

You will need to present an original passport along with a notification of your electronic visa (eVisa) confirmation, to confirm your change of residential status.

To be considered for a refund of fees to the equivalent domestic fee level, the date of award of the residence visa (as printed on the visa) must be prior to:

  • 14 January 2019 for Summer School papers
  • 15 March 2019 for first semester papers
  • 22 March 2019 for full year papers
  • 26 July 2019 for second semester papers

If your status changes after these dates you will continue to pay the international tuition rate for the duration of the paper/s you are currently enrolled in.

Last updated 01/05/2019 02.34 PM
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