Malware is the general term for any malicious or unwanted software or code. Malware includes the following:

  • Viruses - programs that attach themselves to your data or software
  • Spyware - tries to get onto your computer without your knowledge and monitor your activities
  • Trojans - similar to a virus but masquerade as something else, such as a game
  • Rootkits - very hard to get rid of infections that modify deep levels of your computer's operating system. They allow malware to attack or infect your computer
  • Worms - programs that multiply once they get onto your computer. They are annoying but not usually deliberately destructive
  • Ad-ware - displays unwanted advertising, for example you might open your browser and an ad will appear instead of your homepage
  • Scareware - uses social engineering techniques to cause shock or anxiety and trick users into purchasing unnecessary products (e.g. fake anti-virus software)
  • Ransomware - malicious software that blocks access to your computer system until a sum of money is paid

If you are concerned that you may have malware on your computer, please contact AskOtago:

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