File encryption is a great way of keeping data secure, particularly on a USB drive or external hard drive. It renders the files unreadable without the decryption key. Usually the decryption key is very long, and derived from a password or passphrase that you choose.

Some anti-virus programs include encryption features, and recent versions of Windows have the BitLocker feature that allows you to encrypt your drive and access it with a password:

Microsoft TechNet - Enable BitLocker on USB Flash Drives

University of Otago staff must consult their departmental administration or IT support staff before using any file encryption software for University files. This is to ensure that business-critical files can be recovered if the employee is unavailable or if the decryption keys are lost.

To find out more about file encryption at the University of Otago, contact AskOtago:

Tel +64 3 479 7000 or 0800 80 80 98

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