Once you have a Syncplicity Sync & Share account, and have installed the client software, you can share any file already being synchronised by Syncplicity with someone else:

  1. Right-click on the file name to reveal the Syncplicity options.
  2. Click Share Link and select your sharing requirements. You can choose to require that the recipient log into their Syncplicity Sync & Share account to receive the link.
    The file can only be accessed with a generated password so either enter a new password or use the inbuilt password generator to create one.
    Set a time for the link to expire (the expiry time for Default accounts is 7 days, Restricted and Secure accounts are 2 days).
  3. Type in the person's email address and send them the link to the file or copy the link and send it to them another way.
  4. Send the recipient the file password if you have specified one.

The file sharing options available will depend on the University of Otago security policy group you are in.

Syncplicity have created a video with more detailed information about how to share files.

Last updated 01/06/2018 10.13 AM
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