By using the University of Otago's Syncplicity Sync & Share file synchronisation and sharing service, you agree to the following terms of use:

  • You will abide by the Syncplicity Terms of Service
  • You must not store, share, or synchronise personal data (such as iTunes libraries, large photo galleries, or movies) with this service
  • You are agreeing to abide by the University of Otago Information and Communications Technology Regulations 2014
  • You are agreeing to abide by the University of Otago Intellectual Property Rights Policy
  • You are aware of the University of Otago Copyright Infringement Notice Procedures that may be invoked in relation to any misuse of this service
  • ITS recommend that you set a secure password on any device (including mobiles) that uses this service. Additionally it is recommended that you set a separate Syncplicity app password on mobile devices. See the related answer: Creating strong passwords
  • For those staff (including researchers) who are sharing file data with third parties, ITS recommends that the ownership, use, and disposal of any shared data is understood and documented before using this service. You must let ITS know if you have any special requirements in this area when you sign up to use this service (this includes data retention, disposal or archiving of file data)
  • For groups of staff sharing folders, there must be a nominated "owner" of that folder and this must be kept up to date
  • If your University role changes or you leave the University of Otago, you will notify AskOtago with respect to your data held in this service:

Tel +64 3 479 7000 or 0800 80 80 98

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