If you have previously used the eConferencing audioconference service, you don't need to contact eConferencing for booking as you will have been given a reusable pin number and the service is available for you to use at any time.

For other audio and videoconference bookings and enquiries send your requirements to the eConferencing team by emailing econferencing@otago.ac.nz including:

  • Date of the event, start time, and expected duration
  • Whether you need a room in the Dunedin eConferencing suites, or on another campus
  • Meeting purpose (e.g. PhD Oral exam, interview, general meeting, seminar, etc.)
  • Expected number of local and remote attendees
  • If screen sharing (e.g. PowerPoint) will be required
  • Whether recording is required

The ITS website has more information on accessing and using videoconferencing depending on your needs:

About eConferencing and Meetings

To cancel your conference booking contact the eConferencing team as soon as possible:

Tel +64 3 479 5167, +64 3 479 8997, or +64 3 479 8440
Email econferencing@otago.ac.nz

Last updated 04/02/2021 03.30 PM

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