A assignment uploaded through Blackboard using SafeAssign:

  • automatically checks your assignment for plagiarism using the SafeAssign system
  • produces a SafeAssignment Report (SA Report) where you can see if your work matches online sources or other work in the SafeAssign database
  • can only be submitted once, and you can only submit one file to each Assignment
  • is usually split into two separate submissions, a "Draft" Assignment where you can view your SafeAssign report; and a "Final" Assignment where you cannot view your SafeAssign report. The Final Assignment is the one that your lecturer will mark

A normal assignment uploaded through Blackboard:

  • is not automatically checked for plagiarism
  • may be submitted more than once, and you can upload more than one file to each assignment

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Last updated 24/07/2019 03.00 PM
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