At first glance wireless/Wi-Fi at the University of Otago can look quite daunting with many networks to choose from. The information below will help you connect to the right network for your current situation:

I am not enrolled or I am still completing my enrolment

If you have not yet completed your enrolment but you still need access to the internet while on campus, UO_Guest is the network to choose. UO_Guest gives you two weeks (14 days) access to the University network and 500MB per day of data. Find out about connecting to UO_Guest:

I am an enrolled student (course declared)

Once you have completed your course declaration you are now an enrolled student at Otago and have access to both the UO_WIFI and UO-STUDENT networks.

You should connect to the UO_WIFI network when available. Use your student username and password to log in to the network (the same as you do with eVision):

The University is currently transitioning from UO-STUDENT (the older network) to UO_WIFI (the new network). You may find that only one of those two are available in the area you are in. It is safe to connect to both using the same credentials. UO_WIFI is faster so this should be the preferred option.

I am visiting from another university

If you are studying at the University of Otago but are enrolled at a different university, you can connect to the internet using eduroam. Eduroam is a free secure wireless network available at participating campuses and institutions in New Zealand and around the world. You will find eduroam at all locations covered by the University of Otago wireless network.

Each participating institution uses a different set of credentials to connect to eduroam, therefore you will need to find out what your home university uses. Try a Google search with the keywords "eduroam" and the name of your home university, but if you can't find anything you will need to contact your university's IT support or visit Student IT in the Central Library for more assistance.

The ITS eduroam page has more information about connecting to eduroam:

If you have questions or for assistance with connecting to wireless, contact AskOtago Student IT Services in person at the AskOtago Central Hub, Dunedin campus, or:

Tel +64 3 479 5170
message on Facebook

Dunedin campus wireless availability

The University is currently upgrading the wireless network, so you will see wireless become available in more areas around the campuses over time.

Map of Dunedin campus showing areas where wireless is available

Wireless areas highlighted on the map are:

  • St David and Science Library
  • Richardson Building
  • Central Library and ISB/Link
  • Staff Club
  • Inner campus half of Burns/Arts
  • Hunter Centre
  • Medical Library
  • Otago Business School (Commerce) Building
  • ITS Customer Services Building
  • Quad
  • Owheo
  • Robertson Library
  • Unipol
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