If you studied at the University between 1977 and 1992, you will need to contact AskOtago to request publication of your transcript to My eQuals.

Please email your request to university@otago.ac.nz

My eQuals gives you secure access to your academic records online. It allows you to share their digital documents with anyone you choose, at any time.

In your email request please include your:

  • Full name, including middle name (as listed at the time you studied)
  • Date of birth
  • Programme of study
  • Last year at Otago
  • Preferred email address for the confirmation email to be sent or if we need to request further information (if you've set up a My eQuals account, you should use the log in email).

Further information

The following students won't be able to access their transcripts through My eQuals and will need to request a hardcopy:

  • If you studied prior to 1977
  • If you studied at the Dunedin College of Education prior to 2007
  • If you studied Kindergarten study prior to 1974.

To request a hardcopy of your transcript, email university@otago.ac.nz including the student details as above. These transcripts are free-of-charge (postage/courier fees still apply), and may take ten to fifteen working days to process.

Last updated 12/08/2020 02.55 PM

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