If you're a standard UniSaver member, you have the following options on resigning/retiring from the University:

  • you can make a full withdrawal of the total balances within the scheme
  • transfer funds to another scheme
  • or become a deferred member and leave all or part of your funds within the scheme until a later date, which also allows you to make up to four withdrawals a year.

If you're a locked in UniSaver member the funds must remain in the scheme or be transferred into a KiwiSaver scheme until you reach at least 65 years of age. The one exception is for the purchase of a first home.

For more information contact the HR Superannuation & Staff Benefits Adviser by email on superannuation@otago.ac.nz or call on 03 479 8274.

Last updated 16/08/2019 11.01 AM
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