To meet the University Entrance standard through NCEA Level 3 you must achieve:

You must also meet literacy and numeracy requirements:

  • 10 approved literacy credits at Level 2 or above, with at least 5 credits in reading and 5 credits in writing
  • 10 approved numeracy credits at Level 1 or above.

Students studying NCEA cannot use IELTS/TOEFL to replace the literacy requirements.

To be offered a place at Otago you must also meet entry requirements for your chosen programme. More information regarding Entry Pathways for students applying for general bachelors' degrees and other undergraduate courses is available on the website.

Other undergraduate courses subject to the Entry Pathways system include:

  • Health Sciences First Year
  • Surveying First Year
  • Bachelor of Laws (first year only)
  • Certificate of Proficiency (for undergraduate papers) and other intermediate courses
  • Social Work Pre-professional
  • Diploma in Language
  • Diploma in Gobal Cultures
  • other intermediate courses
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