Statements of Completed Qualifications and Enrolment Status Confirmations are available through your eVision portal and can be published to My eQuals.

Your statement/s will be published to a new My eQuals account with your student email address, if this is still active. If you already have set up a My eQuals account with a personal email address you will need to add the email address to your My eQuals account before you can view your documents.

If your student webmail is no longer active you will be given the opportunity to enter a personal email address (click the Change button before step 5 below).

Log in to eVision

To publish a statement from eVision:

  1. Go to the Programmes and Papers section.
  2. Click print a statement here.
  3. Select the type of letter you wish to produce (Enrolment Status Confirmations are normally only available for the current year).
  4. Check the Publish to My eQuals box.
    • If you would like to use a personal email address (recommended), click the Change button and enter the address you wish to use.
  5. Click Generate.

You can amend the primary email address within your My eQuals portal in Profile Settings.

Emails can take up to one day to be sent from My eQuals once you've published your statement.

You can also print the statement from eVision.

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