There are a number of ways that you can bring risks or hazards to the attention of management.

  • Tell your Departmental Health and Safety Officer (DHSO) of the hazard.
  • Contact the Health and Safety team, your supervisor or manager.
  • Fill out a Hazard Notification Form and give this to your DHSO/Supervisor/Manager.
  • Report a hazard on Vault the University's online health and safety management system.
  • Ask your DHSO or the Health and Safety team to investigate an accident or near miss.
  • Report risks or hazards at employer/employee meetings, departmental meetings, or staff meetings.
  • Fill out Property Services request forms for certain risks or hazards.

If you report a risk or hazard it will be investigated and appropriate controls will be set up. If you've identified a hazard, you should be involved in the solution where possible.

Enquiries about Vault should be directed to the Health and Safety team:

Tel +64 3 479 4903

Last updated 21/04/2020 12.43 PM

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