The Health and Safety Team's role is to:

  • ensure that the University's risk/hazard management systems comply with legal requirements, and to provide advice on hazard management strategies
  • ensure that a risk/hazard management process is put in place to identify the potential and actual sources of harm
  • ensure that controls are in place for managing risks and preventing harm to employees
  • ensure information is made available to employers and employees for managing risks/hazards effectively and appropriately within the work environment
  • ensure expert advice is available to all University staff, students, visitors, and contractors
  • co-ordinate the University's risk/hazard register which lists the hazards found within the University environment and the controls needed for managing these hazards.

Your departmental risk/hazard register and controls are available from your manager, head of department, or Departmental Health and Safety Officer (DHSO).

Last updated 15/04/2020 05.37 PM

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