Purchase Cards are not be used for personal expenditure.

Where a Purchase Card is mistakenly or unavoidably used for a personal purchase, the value of the purchase must be repaid to the University in full at the earliest opportunity, and no later than the date of the affected month’s Purchase Card statement.

Please also notify the Purchase Card admin team as soon as possible.

For example, payment for airport parking cannot be split, although the parking period is for a trip that is part work and part non-work. The personal portion of the expense should be calculated and repaid to the University.

To repay the University please make a deposit into the University’s bank account and send an email to fsd.cashiers@otago.ac.nz and copy to pcard.admin@otago.ac.nz. Please state the full account code of where the payment needs to be coded to and if the transaction has any GST.

University bank account and swift code

Bank: Westpac New Zealand Limited
Bank Branch:  Westpac Moray Place
Bank Address: 106 George Street, Dunedin 9058, New Zealand
Bank Account Name: University of Otago
Bank Account Number: 030175 0660238 00
Reference: Full name and Employee ID

Last updated 09/04/2020 04.44 PM

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